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Imagined States

 The brief was about the word ‘state’, which has two meanings, territory and a condition. The task was to play with the dual meaning word by imagining a territory with its inhabitants behaving in a particular condition.

The intention was to design a symbol of the state of warning which could be taken away as a souvenir after visiting that state. The key factor was to understand the true function of a symbol and how it affects various aspects of a society. 

A symbol which would remind people living in the state of warning about behaving in a manner of warning and emergency. They need to be constantly reminded of the principles and ethics of the state through this symbol. It is supposed to make them stay true to their homeland and be warned all the time. 

A dog, which is a loyal friend of humans does its duty of protecting its owner from any possible threats by warning him with it’s barks. Hence the dog can be a warning symbol, which reminds people that they need to stay constantly warned about various issues. 

An imaginative land of warning where people are forgetting about their basic duty of not living their life in a relaxed way but being in the state of warning all the time. The larger than life sized sculpture of the standing dog with all the load (which is supposed to be taken by the people) on its back depicts the carelessness of the inhabitants who are relaxed and calm(people near the sculpture). All the symbols of different types of warning are displayed on the pyramid on the dog’s back. These warning signs are reminders for the public to stay aware and alarmed all the time.

Afraid of losing it’s true values, the government is trying to save the state from being relaxed. As a part of the awareness campaign, the government of the land of warning has issued free sign plates for the public. These signs play a major role in getting back the true energy of warning and alarm amongst the citizens.