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Material Cultures

Material Cultures

The objective was to concentrate on the object handling process of revoking the touch of human labour through visual forms and design language. Identified from the LCC Archive of the unusual collection of objects assembled and curated by David Usborne, visual interpretations of a few objects through resonating forms captured physicality, movement, materiality and sound. The project reflects upon tactility and a forgotten world of invisible human interaction and handling. Materiality, movement and sound are the invisible aspects of human intervention required to bring an object to life. The project celebrates the invisible aspects of a curated object through visual mark-making denoting the unspoken interpretation. Leaving a ‘mark’ is not possible in complete presence of matter on a surface.

To bridge the distance between the in-existent and the viewer, the invisible was translated into communicative visual language through the medium of publication design.

PROCESS: These were the different types of mark-making to visually interpret the materiality, the physicality and the sound of human intervention in the process of object-handling.


OUTCOME: The developed visual language in publication designs that were the final outcome of the object.


The object-handling process thus revealed a lot of variations in the interpretations of the unseen stories of human intervention.